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Fridays: Tango Lessons

Tango Lessons: Fridays

When: Fridays

Where: 12121 W. Pico Blvd. Suite 2c

Event Detail: Discover the romantic dance known a Tango. Cost: $20

  • analysis of dance experience
  • stretchin / warm-ups
  • learn basic steps
  • learned choreographed piece

From Moulin Rouge’s Tango de Roxanne to Chicago’s Cell Block Tango, the evocative dance moves of Argentinian Tango make you want to jump out of your seat, clamp a long-stemmed rose between your teeth, and unleash your inner dancer.

Get your rhythm on with Makela in this introductory session aimed to show you the basics of tango. Known for her precise technique and grace, Makela stresses the fact that tango comes from the heart as well as the body. Makela shows the ladies tips for how to dance beautifully and gracefully, and concentrates on evoking confidence in men so they can lead clearly and effectively. Book this session with a partner, and Makela will teach a couples routine she choreographed herself.

You’ll burn calories without realizing you’re working out, and may even find yourself doing “el cabeceo”—literal translation: “nod of the head”…our translation: the Tango come-hither look.

* Parking Information: meter parking available in front of studio 

For Information: https://www.lifecrowd.com/activities/view/3?utm_source=craigslist&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=expert

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