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Annual: The FILManthropy Festival


The FILManthropy Festival Showcasing Films that Inspire and Raise Awareness to Create a Better World.

Event Details: Open your eyes and your heart at the FILManthropy Society’s 3rd annual FILManthropy Festival. This unique event is a canvas for instigating and inspiring change by showcasing films that inspire, educate, raise awareness and motivate, so that audiences may open their minds and their hearts to creating a better world. The FILManthropy Festival encourages patrons to not only watch these inspiring films, but to do something – to work for change. Each filmmaker attaches a charity to his/her film and 100% of the Festival’s net proceeds are distributed between the winning filmmakers’ charities.

The selected films are divided into two categories, Short Films and Feature Films, and are screened at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. Tickets (purchase at http://www.filmanthropyfestival.org/tickets.html):

For Information: http://filmanthropysociety.org/.


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